Is it all gonna be OK?

Look at this photo. I’d say it’s a pretty good representation of the Oilers right now: It’s like they’ve been reduced to pebbles, which any weaklings could scatter at any time.

Here in Flamesland, we’re hoping those weaklings are our heroes in white, who will try to turn their back on a season of horrendousness on the road against a team that is in a complete shambles. (And nothing defines “complete shambles” like consecutive shutout losses, one against the powerhouse minor-leaguers coached by Wayne Gretzky.)

Now, on the surface, a win tonight seems like an achievable goal, doesn’t it? But let me quote myself, once again:

And the worst part? The next three are at home, so everyone will once again be fooled into thinking it’s all OK.

It isn’t all OK.

Well, much as I’m proud of my clairvoyance, I’d much rather have things just be OK. And I have some optimism. Here’s an idea I recently had for the Flames:

Use these three games at home to build confidence and get in a better mental state going into the next trip, then roll off three straight road wins and get the monkey off your back …

I’d like to think they’ve done exactly that — and I’ve come to believe over the last few days that the team was fixated on the trade deadline from the moment Ference and Kobasew were swapped for Primeau and Stuart. Much as it showed Sutter was “serious about winning right now” (to steal a massively overused cliche from our friends in the mainstream media), it also showed that two longtime Flames, mainstays during the Cup run, were expendable. If it was me in that dressing room, I’d probably be distracted, too.

The best proof of this theory? The first game after the trade deadline was the Minnesota shootout win, which was unquestionably the biggest of the season. At the time, it vaulted the Flames into a first-place tie, against a team with which it was tied. They also reversed numerous longstanding trends — can’t come back in the third, can’t win in OT/SO, world’s best goalie sucks in the shootout, coach won’t show any emotion, neither will aforementioned goalie.

So, what of tonight? We must beware of the Oilers. Much as they’ve increasingly become the Wilkes-Rapid Stockton Thunder-Admirals (moniker by Andy Grabia), that’s a group that, in shambles or not, has to rediscover its pride at some point. And if that pride doesn’t come on the scoresheet — and considering the history of the Battle — is this perhaps a night the teams spend in Brawlsville? Regardless, if the Flames don’t win, it’s back to “it isn’t all OK.” And now’s the time in the season that you have to make it OK.

(Photo by A.L.)


~ by duncan on March 3, 2007.

One Response to “Is it all gonna be OK?”

  1. They also reversed numerous longstanding trends

    Yeah, it was time. They must have know Flames faithful were restless or I just needed a push to come back.

    is this perhaps a night the teams spend in Brawlsville?

    I could be up for a little donnybrook action, a little brouhaha, a little argy-bargy, how’s ya father…

    I’m ready for things to be OK.

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