Yes! Yes!

Flames 2 Wild 1 (SO) 

Oh my God, I just finished watching THE FLAMES WIN IN A SHOOTOUT. On a goal from Jarome Iginla, who normally sucks in shootouts, and three saves from Miikka Kiprusoff, who normally sucks in shootouts.

Not only that, the Flames OVERCAME ADVERSITY (bananas call on Yelle to lead to a two-man and Minnesota’s goal, no-call on Iginla in the last 20 seconds of OT), FIND ANOTHER GEAR (solid play in the third and a late goal to tie it), and DRAW A SMILE FROM THEIR HEAD COACH (the post-game smirk on Jimmy, who appeared to be sporting a contemporary new hairstyle, was priceless). And they won a BIG GAME.
Since it’s 1:30 a.m. here and I just finished watching the game on PVR delay (after my own hockey team’s glorious 2-1 victory of its own tonight), I’m going to keep ‘er short tonight. But a few more things, since I can’t help myself:

1. It didn’t work, but it takes stones for Bouchard to try that spin-o-rama on a must-score shot in a game of that magnitude.

2. Kipper was looking poke-check all the way on Koivu, and good on him. I bet he was thinking poke-check before the game even started.

3. What a treat to watch the game on TSN. Their HD is WAY superior to CBC’s, and Cuthbert and Healy are all class. I wonder if Roger Millions was watching.

4. I still can’t believe the Oilers traded Ryan Smyth, and I ESPECIALLY can’t believe that at the airport, underneath “Farewell Ryan” signs, he sobbed and said that all he wanted was to win the cup with the Isles, then bring it back to Edmonton, because that’s where his heart belongs. HOW DO YOU TRADE THAT PLAYER? Oilers fans, coaches, management: I hope for your sake that Ryan O’Marra is the next coming of Christ.

Wow, I’m excited. A lot of ALL CAPS tonight. I’M YELLING!

(Now I see that many of us were excited tonight. More celebration from Dave, Matt and Alex. Perhaps this will even bring back Hockeygirl. Let’s savour this big game win and talk about the road tomorrow, shall we?)


~ by duncan on March 1, 2007.

8 Responses to “Yes! Yes!”

  1. i am not smart enough to understand PVR. but i understand this: i wanna come over to your house to review the shootout. i was stuck out entertaining my work peeps (long story)… when do my toronto-based blogmates hook up for beers and a slaughter ???

  2. I’ve never seen Playfair look so smug. I don’t know if I’m comfortable with it. Smyth not an Oiler, Flames winning in the shootout…the world has officially gone crazy.

  3. Oh…that was definitely an I-told-you-so-smirk he was rubbing off his face.

    Best two days ever – I’m off to do my morning-after post-game.

  4. WOO!

    I thought that was a solid effort all around by the Flames last night. They finally looked like an NHL squad in their own zone for a change.

    But the officiating – Ugh,

  5. It worked. The boys brought me back.

    And WI – meeting up sounds good to me.

  6. Sweet, someone else that notices HD quality! TSN has really stepped up, before the game I was telling everyone at my house how TSNHD hockey is #2 compared to HDNet, which has an amazing DD5.1 mix and 1080p cameras to capture all the glorious details (but have shitty announcers). TSNHD, while broadcast on 720p, also uses 1080p camera for a much sharper image than CBCHD. The only thing missing was the audio mix.

    After last night’s game, TSNHD is definately #1 (US and Canada) for HD hockey. The announcers were mixed and balanced perfectly front + rear, and during the 3rd period, the harvey the hound drum banging audio as well as the go flames go chants were mixed so well, I felt like I was sitting in the 300 section.

    Excellent job TSN!!!

  7. Still have the SLK rage?

  8. nope, driving a E55 now. Patiently awaiting announcement of the SLK63… have a deposit on that for 2 years now lol.

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