The deadline: For Edmonton, emphasis on dead.

I can’t emphasize enough how piss-poor a decision Kevin Lowe made today in dealing Ryan Smyth. Regardless of the circumstances — and you’ll surely get all the speculation well documented here, here, here and here — there are certain things franchises do that help them win Stanley Cups. And trading the face of your franchise isn’t one of them. The signature player is a common thread on most championship teams, especially multiple-cup winners. Think Detroit (Yzerman), Colorado (Sakic), Jersey (Stevens), Pittsburgh (Lemieux) and, oh yeah, the Oilers themselves, who were lucky enough to have two at once in Gretzky and Messier.

Which, to keep this somewhat Flames-oriented, is precisely why Calgary shouldn’t entertain any ideas of letting go of Jarome Iginla.

Now, as for our pal Darryl paying a two-round drop in the draft for David Hale, no complaints here, and nothing to say that MetroGnome hasn’t already said. And I’m pleased to say that my good feelings on what Calgary paid for Stuart and Primeau, and Conroy before that, stand.

As for some of the other deals:

Bertuzzi to Detroit: Glad to see the Red Wings won’t be a threat. Welcome back to the Western Conference, Mr. Penalty Machine/Dressing Room Cancer

Brad Boyes for Dennis Wideman: Boston and St. Louis both address needs. Weird deal for deadline day.

Buffalo selects Conkers as their backup: I guess they had to make room for Zubrus somewhere, and no more Biron was that somewhere, but a certain play in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final comes to mind when I ponder the wisdom of the deal.

Blues trade Guerin to the Sharks for first-rounder, Nieminen and some other guy: I just don’t see Guerin as a difference-maker for the Sharks, and the Blues get yet another first-rounder, which the Sharks are suddenly throwing around like they’re nothing. St. Louis has played this season so smart. They signed Guerin to a short-term deal and turned him into a first-rounder, hung onto Tkachuk and turned him into a slew of prospects, hired a good coach and improved a ton along the way. Now, watch the Blues contend for the next 10 years.

(Note: I wrote this while watching the Messier retirement ceremony, which was tasteful, brief, featured a banner and throwbacks representative of the team he actually played for, didn’t feature a long speech from a poorly spoken rep of the team owners and generally was everything a jersey ceremony should be. In other words, the opposite of that Vernon monstrosity a while back. Nothing against Mike, of course, but I hope the Flames were watching.)


~ by duncan on February 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “The deadline: For Edmonton, emphasis on dead.”

  1. oilers record following any kind of ceremony is atrocious. coupled with losing your leader, i’m callin’ for a big greasy blowout tonight. bets ?

  2. 3-0 Phoenix in the second? Right you are. Love to see Gretzky rubbing it in the wounds of the Edm. faithful.

  3. Who’s lookin’ forward to Saturdaaaaaaay?

    I’m being less of a Flames fan and more of an anti-Oilers fan, but life has been good today…

  4. Boy oh boy, what a day for Oiler fans. The impending loss to Phoenix is like salt on a wound. The wound being a paper cut across the eye of your penis…

    In other words – haha!

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