In-game adjustments: A novel idea

335723305_f73ed9907e.jpgFlames 5 Coyotes 2

It’s just Phoenix, but I was awfully heartened by the way the Flames made defensive-zone adjustments in the second and third periods tonight after playing their usual atom-level game in the last 10 minutes of the first. Aside from Friesen’s missed assignment in the third that led to the goal — he did that a few times tonight actually, and should be scratched for it against Minnesota — everyone made the changes they needed to make.

Congratulations to Andrea Susan on taking a nice first step towards recapturing his masculinity, and also on helping defence partner Rhett Warrener look uninjured for the first time in two weeks. As for Primeau’s two goals — it was just a matter of time before he potted one, he’s looked consistently good ever since getting to town. Even Amonte was on it, with assists on both Primeau goals coming from hustle and good forechecking.

Of course, this will all mean very little if they can’t bring a similar effort and result against a good team on Thursday (Minnesota), and on the road against ANY team — I don’t care if you have to get in a Delorean and go back in time to play the ’74-75 Capitals for F’s sakes, just get a freaking win. Since this isn’t the movies, your next chance is Saturday against the Oilers, who may be without their heart and soul after tomorrow if Lowe’s stupid enough to trade Ryan Smyth.

Now, speaking of the Oilers and the trade deadline, Chris! from Covered in Oil is hosting a live blog of the whole thing on the National Post website tomorrow starting at about 10 a.m., featuring Mark Spector and a bunch of the other Post sportswriters. Should be a good time — for us more than for Oilers fans, who if you believe Ryan Walter are now officially cheering for “sellers” As for Calgary, Roger Millions declared late in the game that Sutter will be making a deal, mark his words. Just please don’t bring us Bryan Berard. Please.

The broadcast: Speaking of Big Rog, he was at his pulpit tonight, for sure. He spent the entire first period on about Roenick and his apparent “underappreciated” comment, was after the referees after 30 seconds and a “missed” call on Phaneuf, and got his mock-suspicious, I-have-something-to-tell-you voice going strong for the entire third period when the result was no longer in doubt. Plus, I was shocked to learn from Ryan Walter that “if your third line can contribute, you’re in a pretty good position,” something I’d never heard nor considered. By the way, did you know that your goaltender has to be your best penalty killer?

Finally: Anyone else notice that the Flames’ equipment guy decided to use an upside-down W for the M in Primeau’s nameplate? I will endeavour to find photographic proof …

(Coyote skeleton photo by iangbl)


~ by duncan on February 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “In-game adjustments: A novel idea”

  1. Oh Roger. I actually thought the reffing was spot on tonight.

  2. Agreed. A rare well-reffed game.

    You’re spot on about Friesen though – he was the lone weak link in the chain in the d-zone as the game progressed. play Ritchie instead next contest I say.

  3. I don’t care if you have to get in a Delorean and go back in time to play the ‘74-75 Capitals for F’s sakes, just get a freaking win.

    although you made me chortle a few times in your post, this was puuuuuuuure genius…. thursday’s game is bar-none, HUGE. fingers crossed…

  4. Thanks wi. I love Back to the Future, and think of it constantly.

    Agree on the hugeness of the Wild game. I’m now hoping the team was just unable to concentrate because they were afraid of becoming victims of Trader Darryl, and now it’s bombs away.

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