The SS Canucks set sail — will Flames create wind?

So, Vancouver reacquires Brent Sopel and pays a second-round pick to Chicago for Bryan Smolinski, and Dave Nonis hopes this year’s deadline acquisitions are more successful than last year’s highly effective Keith Carney/Eric Weinrich/Sean Brown/Mika Noronen manoeuvres. My take is that they do make sense. Sopel played some good hockey for the Crawford-era Asswipes, and Smolinski’s an awfully useful depth centre.

But does it keep Vancouver atop Calgary in the Pacific? I don’t think so — personnel-wise, and with a five-point separation this is still the Flames’ division to win or lose. Firstly, I’m with MetroGnome (read the comments) — even with the additions, the ‘Nucks are bound to falter — at least a little bit. Secondly, Calgary has lately shown that it may be willing to give the division to the Canucks because they can’t figure out how to cowboy up.

I’m guessing, like most others, that Sutter’s done on the trade front, and it’s this team tonight that will head into the playoffs. Tonight against the Coyotes, we’ll see if they’ve started to move in the right direction.

More pre-game action from Completely Hammered, Five Hole Fanatics, and Hit The Post.

More on the Vancouver movement from Dave.


~ by duncan on February 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “The SS Canucks set sail — will Flames create wind?”

  1. Obviously the number of moves today change the landscape everywhere, but I’d say the Northwest (let’s just call it the Smythe, okay?) is Vancouver’s division to lose. They have a very favourable schedule coming up, with just two games against Nashville and Anaheim, I think. Meanwhile, Calgary has to learn how to win on the road.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mason. I loved the Smythe Division. Bring back the Jets.

    Fair points on the competition, but toss in two games against the Sharks, one against the Red Wings and six division games, and the six in-division games to the tough ones Vancouver still has to play.

    And Calgary definitely has to learn on the road, but it wasn’t that long ago that the Canucks were 6-11-1 on the road. They’re 11-1-1 since, so it can happen. (It better.)

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