We’ll take it! But let’s not get too excited.

Flames 7 Sharks 4

Well, with the San Josayers controlling most of the play for most of the game, I wouldn’t exactly call that another gear. But I would call it winning ugly, so that’s a somewhat pleasant step forward. I’m a believer that in the end, all that matters is that you win the game — and if it takes being outshot badly by a tired team, and having your best players win it for you with multiple beautiful plays, so be it. Iggy’s awareness and Lombo’s finish on the 4-4 goal? Absolutely stunning. And Jim “Our Best Players Have To Be Our Best Players” Playfair must be pleased. Tanguay may have taken three penalties, but he’ll take that if he’s going to have a +4 evening.

Ahh, the thrill of victory, one I had almost forgotten. But I don’t want to get to excited. As walkinvisible pointed out, I said this just a few days ago:

The next three are at home, so everyone will once again be fooled into thinking it’s all OK. It isn’t all OK.

Since I started in on this blog, I’ve been paying attention to the stats a lot more closely. I’d seen this previously, but it became even more glaring after Iginla’s four-point night. Jarome has the second-highest points-per-game ratio in the league, overall, at 1.39 per game. Sidney Crosby’s at a 1.68. But break it down to home/road, and you get a different picture.

Jarome Iginla, Home: 27 GP, 49P (1.81 PPG)

Jarome Iginla, Road: 24 GP, 22 P (0.92 PPG)

Bizarre, and without precedent in recent years. In 2005-06, he had 34 points at home and 33 on the road. In 03-04, it was the other way — 31 at home and 42 on the road.

It doesn’t stop with Iggy, though. Tanguay (all numbers home/road) is 42/20, Huselius 35/25, Conroy 20/7, Hamrlik 21/7.

Only Langkow (32/31), Phaneuf (21/20) and Lombo (21/19) seem to be able to produce at a similar clip on the road. (Crosby, by the way, is 50/46. No wonder he’s going to win the Hart.)

Playfair wants his best players to be his best players all the time. That’s a fair request. I want the Flames to show more intensity on the road. That’s a fair request. In each case, it starts with the captain — and he’s capable of turning it up on the road. My guess is the boys will be more than ready to follow the leader.


~ by duncan on February 25, 2007.

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