Sutter: The boss for a reason

I can’t believe the prices being paid around the league for rental talent right now. The latest is San Jose paying Josh Gorges (who I love) and a first rounder to Bob Gainey for Craig Rivet, who’s on the outs in Montreal anyway, and a lousy fifth-round pick.

First rounders are just being tossed around like pennies. Anaheim stole one from Tampa in the Shane O’Brien deal. Nashville essentially gave away three to get Forsberg. Blues got one (along with second- and third-rounders) from Atlanta today for Tkachuk, and the Coyotes got one from the Stars for Nagy. Zhitnik cost Atlanta Braydon Coburn, their first-rounder (and a mighty fine prospect) from a few years back.
Nashville paid the most — but also got the most in return, and are a true contender. These other guys are all questionable cup contenders, and are getting players whose ability to contribute is iffy. Tkachuk’s a penalty machine come playoff time, Nagy’s soft, O’Brien’s unproven, Rivet’s not a difference-maker.

Meanwhile, the Flames give up a fifth/sixth defenceman (Ference) and a player with fading potential (Kobasew) for a Top 4 D with offensive upside in Stuart and a third-line centre (Primeau) whose value increases daily, without giving up a first rounder. Calgary might even gain a No. 1 pick if Stuart heads south next year. Conroy cost Calgary a marginal Kobasew in Lundmark, and second- and third-round picks.

The future wasn’t mortgaged and the team (on paper) was improved. It’s starting to look like Sutter was a genius to jump the market.


~ by duncan on February 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sutter: The boss for a reason”

  1. Lots of panicking out there right now – especially in Atlanta’s case. Coburn for a washe up Zhitnik? Wow.

    Good to see Sutter gunning for success in the present – but still managing to do so sensibly.

  2. *applauds*

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