The wisdom of a Shark

From the always enlightening AP preview of tonight’s game, via The Official Site:

The Sharks set a club record Thursday with their 20th road win of the season. Evgeni Nabokov made 21 saves for his fourth shutout of 2006-07, and Joe Thornton had a goal and an assist.

“I think it says we’re a pretty confident group,” Sharks captain Patrick Marleau said of his team’s league-high road victory total. “We feel we can win in any building and we’re not intimidated. It is mostly mental, being able to ignore being down 2-0 or ignoring the crowd.”

The bolding is mine. The hope is that the Flames read the wise words of Mr. Marleau and see a lesson, rather than a reason to be scared going into the game. What’s that lesson? Use these three games at home to build confidence and get in a better mental state going into the next trip, then roll off three straight road wins and get the monkey off your back — and, even more importantly, get the bloggers off your back.

How? Repeat after me: B-E, A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E, aggressive!


~ by duncan on February 24, 2007.

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