Really, I don’t normally like the fighting

After chatting about this briefly yesterday, and again in the comments, I thought it appropriate to remind everyone properly with the visual. Now tell me this team wasn’t willing to do whatever it took to reach its goal. (Kipper doesn’t fight quite as well as Emery, but I think he could probably take Biron.)

After losing that game to Nashville 3-1 and laying an 0-4 egg against Dallas a couple of day slater, Calgary went 4-2 to end the season, and everyone knows about the playoffs. And that’s a Flames team with the same goalie, same star forward and same shutdown defenceman it has now — just with a crapload of better guys around them.The talk’s been a little doomsdayish the last few days, and I just don’t like living that way. Hope is fun. So, I’m going to say that all we need is to goon it up to close a game again, and it’s Cup Run ’07. Let’s make it happen, Jimmy. I’m pretty sure the boys could cope without you behind the bench for a few games.


~ by duncan on February 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Really, I don’t normally like the fighting”

  1. haha… sugar ray emery… 🙂

  2. I quite like both Kipper and Vokoun so I was somewhat torn watching the video. But I have to give that one to Kipper. He kept his jersey on.

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