I have to start somewhere

When I was in Grade 2, my teacher Ms. Lewis had us keep a journal in one of those stapled notebooks with a half-ruled, half-blank page. Once a day, we were required to use up one of theose pages with whatever we cared to say. One hundred per cent of the time, I wrote about the Calgary Flames. This was 1985, so the content was usually either about the Flames defeating the Winnipeg Jets or losing a close one to the Edmonton Oilers.

I kept writing about hockey, even did it professionally for a while. But I never had the same fun doing it as I did when I was eight. So now that I’m doing other things for a money, I thought I’d do this again, minus the questionable grammar and crude felt-pen drawings of Reggie Lemelin.

But before I get going, a few shout-outs are in order. I was properly introduced to hockey blogging when I stumbled upon Covered in Oil, and subsequently Battle of Alberta, during last year’s playoffs. Both remain daily reads because, well, they’re great.

This sent me searching for Flames blogs, of course, where I’ve been lurking and occasionally commenting this season, adding immensely to my enjoyment of the game. This blog can only hope to become a compliment to its more creatively named predecessors — Five Hole Fanatics, Double D(ion), Hockey’s Real Deal, Completely Hammered, Open Ice Hits and Hit the Post.

On with it, then.


~ by duncan on February 18, 2007.

7 Responses to “I have to start somewhere”

  1. I like the name of your blog, actually. It’s kind of deadpan in a trendy, cool way. That kind of stuff is in. 🙂

  2. Welcome! I had to do a writeup of a current event most days in Grade 3…to my teacher’s chagrin, most of those were about hockey, it being ’88-89.

  3. Welcome Duncan!

    I’ve noticed you commenting occassionally, and it really only takes a short while to think to yourself, hey, I think I’ll start one of these things too…

    We’ve added 4 new active Flames blogs and one delinquent one in the last month (what happened to Seean over at Sea of Red anyway)…

    We aren’t as large as the oilogosphere yet, but we’re getting there…

  4. Wow, great looking site…

    we’re coming closer to matching the Oiler’s blogger numbers!

  5. i quoted you twice before knowing how to find you… sweet site, dude. i would like to welcome you to a blog-o-sphere (??!) that i’m still a rookie with… 🙂

  6. Welcome Duncan.

    Do you still have those journals? 🙂

  7. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Seriously, thanks for keeping me entertained for all this time while I was convincing myself I had something to add. Still not sure I do, but I guess we’ll see.

    I did hang onto those journals, HG. Perhaps one day I’ll include a scan…

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